What to look for in a best managed WordPress hosting plan?

Rachel Colley
2 min last update: 02.13.2024

You have decided to go with a managed WordPress hosting plan for your site but you’re not sure how to decide which managed hosting plan is the best one for you. You don’t need to worry as it happens with most of the newbies who look forward to building their online presence. In this article, I have got you covered as I will share pro tips on how to decide whether a plan you are looking at is the best managed WordPress hosting plan.

Remember, a managed WordPress hosting plan should bear the responsibility of managing the hosting needs of your WordPress site. What else do you look for in such plans? Let’s dig in!

The best managed WordPress hosting plan should guarantee superior performance

In the world of the internet, the speed of your website is the decisive performance metric in determining your success. If your website suffers from slow loading speed, then you should not expect high traffic coming to your site. You should make sure your managed hosting provider guarantees exceptional loading speed for your WordPress site. Surely, the best managed WordPress hosting plan is the one that offers high-quality performance to its clients.

The best managed WordPress hosting plan’s Server Infrastructure

Along with performance promise, your managed WordPress hosting provider should utilize modern server infrastructure. It is one of the key features of a best managed WordPress hosting plan. Modern server infrastructure ensures faster data retrieval which is crucial for your WordPress site’s performance.

The server resources offered in a best managed WordPress hosting plan

You cannot ignore server resources while choosing a best managed WordPress hosting plan. You should make sure that your hosting provider allocates appropriate resources to fulfill the requirements of your website’s traffic management. This factor also contributes to stabilizing the user experience of your WordPress site. Remember, you will start losing traffic with the delay of every second in the loading of your WordPress site. This delay can only be countered by allocating sufficient server resources, such as RAM, CPU, and bandwidth, to your WordPress site.

The best managed WordPress hosting plan offers exceptional reliability and uptime

Your website and overall business will suffer badly due to the negative impacts of downtime. The best managed WordPress hosting plan, such as DriftWP’s plan, guarantees uptime reliability under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). If your managed hosting provides you with high uptime rates, then your targeted visitors will be able to access your website whenever they want.

The best managed WordPress hosting plan offers 24/7 support

WordPress, a powerful content management system, holds some complexities in terms of its management. You would often need support to make sure your WordPress site is up and running 99.9% of the time. The best managed WordPress hosting plan should offer you 24/7 support to make things simple for you. Moreover, it helps you stay confident as your issues will be resolved immediately with the aid of a professional support team.


WordPress is one of the best content management systems that helps you build an online reputation for yourself or your business. However, you have to choose a hosting plan for your website to get it up and running. You should choose the best managed WordPress hosting plan to ensure smooth performance, extraordinary security, and extreme reliability of your site. DriftWP is one of the best options in this regard.