Why do you Need Managed WordPress Hosting for your WordPress Site?

Rachel Colley
2 min last update: 02.13.2024

For unmatched WordPress site performance, security, and support, choose DriftWP's managed WordPress hosting. Your site's success is waiting for you!

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As the name suggests, managed WordPress hosting is all about getting your WordPress site managed by a hosting service provider. Many new online businesses running on WordPress choose shared hosting as they are low on budget. However, shared hosting comes with various drawbacks mainly due to a lot of websites sharing the same server. Shared hosting becomes problematic when your site starts picking up more traffic. It is not unlikely to encounter security and performance issues if you go with shared hosting for your WordPress site.

Managed WordPress Hosting solves this pertinent issue by configuring and optimizing its servers for WordPress. This configuration and optimization allow service providers to reduce downtime and handle heavy traffic in a convincing way. A typical managed WordPress hosting plan includes speed optimization, WordPress maintenance, security, and 24/7 support.  

Benefits included in a Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

After getting an overview of a managed WordPress hosting plan, let us move forward to some of the most important benefits embedded into this type of WordPress hosting plan. These benefits are: -

  1. Limited Need for Technical Expertise
  2. Exceptional WordPress Speed
  3. Superior Scalability
  4. Elevated Security
  5. Keen Support, and many more

Limited Need for Technical Expertise

managed WordPress hosting service provider makes sure you get the technical expertise of a dedicated team of experts. It eliminates the need for possessing up-to-date technical knowledge or hiring a WordPress engineer. Under this plan, you will get well-organized tools and integrations that are needed to keep your website functional, smooth, and scalable.

Exceptional WordPress Speed

Under this hosting plan, your WordPress site will be hosted on a server that is well-optimized for performance. This optimization allows you to handle heavy traffic proficiently without installing additional software or other solutions. Luckily, DriftWP uses server-level caching for speed optimization, which nullifies the need for installing various plugins.

Superior Scalability

One of the major issues faced by websites running on shared hosting is downtime due to the increase in web traffic. It becomes tough for a site to stay functional and responsive in high traffic as it strains the server resources. DriftWP collaborates with proxy servers to deal with this pertinent issue. Moreover, the managed WordPress hosting servers of DriftWP use SSDs to enhance WordPress speed.

Elevated Security

The security of your online business running on WordPress highly depends on the security of your WordPress site. In a managed WordPress hosting plan, the users enjoy the built-in security features that mark them safe in the case of a cyberattack or malware issue. DriftWP is equipped with up-to-date security features that help you in running a secure online business.

Keen Support

By choosing a managed WordPress hosting service provider, you get 24/7 customer support from a dedicated support team. It eliminates the need for talking to someone more experienced in handling WordPress issues. DriftWP has a dedicated team that is available to its clients 24/7 to provide them with necessary assistance.

Final Words for Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting solves some important problems encountered by WordPress sites running on a shared hosting server. To run an online business smoothly and securely on a long-term basis, you should choose the managed WordPress hosting plan offered by DriftWP.