WordPress Hosting Plans: Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Rachel Colley
2 min last update: 02.13.2024

How to make a comprehensive comparison between shared and managed WordPress hosting, find out performance, security, support and customization options.

In this article, you will find answers to your questions related to two of the most used WordPress hosting plans, Shared Hosting and Managed Hosting. I will present a comparative analysis of these two types of WordPress hosting to help you make a well-informed decision.

Overview of Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

To help you understand in the simplest of words, Shared Hosting is just like renting a room in a large apartment complex. Here, you own your own room but share all the resources with all of those living in the complex. The sharing of resources makes it one of the cheapest WordPress hosting plans.

On the other hand, managed hosting for WordPress is like owning a condo. Here, the hosting service provider takes care of all resources that are needed by you to live in the condo. It also takes care of the security and environment to help you live your life at its best. Remember, you should be aware of whether your hosting provider hosts your website on a shared server or a dedicated server.

Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Let’s analyze the differences between shared and managed WordPress hosting plans on the basis of their performance, security, maintenance, support, and customization.

In terms of performance, you have to carry on speed optimization tasks on your own if your WordPress site runs on a shared server, however, a managed WordPress hosting provider delivers high-speed performance for WordPress sites.

In terms of security, you have to struggle on your own to ensure the security of your website hosted on a shared server. You would need to install various security plugins that may result in additional costs. On the other hand, you get regular security upgrades, automated backups, and malware scans from your managed hosting provider. The security of your WordPress is the responsibility of your service provider.

In terms of maintenance, you are in charge of maintaining your WordPress site if you are on a shared WordPress hosting plan. The responsibility of installing updates and using various plugins is solely on you. On the other hand, your managed WordPress hosting service provider, such as DriftWP, takes care of maintaining your site at its best.

In terms of support, you may get technical support from a shared WordPress hosting provider. However, you may have to take action on your own. You can only dial their phone number to get basic support. On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting providers have a highly skilled technical staff that always stays ready to assist their clients.

Last but not least, shared WordPress hosting plans do not offer comprehensive customization options to their customers. You may not be able to customize the server based on the needs of your website. On the other hand, you get a customized environment for your WordPress site if it is hosted by a managed hosting provider. DriftWP always strives to provide its clients with the best possible environment based on their needs and desires.

I hope this article has helped you to make a wise decision in terms of choosing a WordPress hosting plan. Best of luck!